June 5, 2015 Letter from ASIJ Board Regarding Meeting with Survivors, Apology, and Commitment to Safety

Dear ASIJ Parents, Trustees, Alumni, Faculty and Members of the ASIJ Community,

In June 2014, the ASIJ Board of Directors commissioned the law firm of Ropes &
Gray LLP (“Ropes”) to conduct an investigation into the sexual abuse of ASIJ
students by Jack Moyer, a former teacher (1962-1984) and consultant (1984-2000)
at ASIJ. On May 18, 2015, Ropes completed its investigation and issued a report.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the
Ropes investigation.

From May 31 to June 3, 2015, the Board sent three representatives to Portland,
Oregon, to listen to the Moyer survivors’ accounts. It is these accounts, shared
privately and in person by survivors, that provide us the greatest insight into what
happened. On or before June 15, the Board will publish the independent report by
Ropes-and, most importantly, we will be able to share accounts of the survivors.
We are humbled and grateful that, in their desire to strengthen the school and
prevent this tragedy from recurring, survivors have agreed to allow us to publish their
accounts in full. We endorse their statements without reservation.

First and foremost, we are deeply troubled by the findings. Jack Moyer’s abuse of
students was extensive, and there were Heads of School, high-level administrators
as well as teachers who were aware of information concerning abuse by Moyer.
Survivors attempted many times to expose abuse, and we are ashamed to report
that they were rebuffed or ignored by the school. On behalf of the Board-past and
present-we are truly sorry. We apologize for the great harm that was caused by
teachers and administrators who failed to protect the students in their charge. We are
grateful for survivors’ courage in coming forward, and for demanding that ASIJ
become a model for child abuse prevention and reporting programs.

Second, the survivors’ deep concerns for the welfare of current and future students
prompted the Board to take the following actions:
1. Engaging Keeping Children Safe, an independent agency that provides
certification and advice, to conduct a Level 1 Certification that was completed
in March 2015.
2. Committing to obtain a Level 2 Certification from Keeping Children Safe.
3. Conducting criminal background checks on faculty and staff prior to
4. Creating and implementing a new Student Protection Handbook.
5. Engaging Tokyo English lifeline to train administrators, faculty, parents, and
students to recognize abuse.

The Board has also pledged an ongoing commitment to reimburse counseling costs
for all survivors.

Finally, as a result of working with the survivors, the Board also commits to the
1. The Board will publish the independent report by Ropes and Gray that
includes an account of the abuse perpetrated by Jack Moyer, the reports
made to the school, other reports of alleged abuse at ASIJ, and a discussion
of School Policies.
2. In their desire to strengthen the school and prevent this tragedy from ever
recurring, the victims have generously offered to make available for
publication their full statements, including the reports and notifications that
they made to the school.
3. The existing Child Safety Task Force will be expanded to include a board
member and a trustee, as well as an invited member of the survivors’ group.
4. The Child Safety Task Force will also ensure that a safe, anonymous method
for complaints or concerns of possible abuse is implemented.
5. The school will review the protocol that identifies academic and behavioral
indicators of students at risk.
6. In order to assist Japanese authorities to reach potential Japanese victims,
the report will be translated and provided to them.

In closing, on behalf of ASIJ, we offer our deepest apologies to the survivors and the
ASIJ community. We failed you and should have done more. We are committed to
working with you to address these failures, and we promise to do our very best to
ensure the safest possible environment for our present and future students, so that
your efforts to bring this dark chapter of ASIJ’s history into the light will not have been
in vain.
The ASIJ Board of Directors

Response from the Survivors

Dear ASIJ community,
We, thirteen survivors of Jack Moyer’s sexual abuse, applaud and celebrate the
crucial steps that the new ASIJ board is taking to understand and address what
happened to us and ensure that current and future students are safe. Their heartfelt
apology and their actions have moved us in ways that are difficult to convey.
We are also deeply grateful to you, the ASIJ community. We would never have been
able to achieve this resolution without your compassion and tireless support – and
without the extraordinary guidance of our legal representatives at Crew Janci. Thank
you so much for all that you have done to help us reach this point. Having gone
through this together will make ASIJ a stronger, safer community in the future, and
as a result, we are once again proud to say that WE ARE ASIJ.

With gratitude,
Thirteen ASIJ Sisters