How You Can Help

Thank you for your willingness to help seek justice and healing for the entire ASIJ Community and the victims of Jack Moyer’s abuse.

In the June 2014 letter that we and our attorneys sent to ASIJ, we asked for:

  • transparency,
  • a full and complete investigation,
  • public release of the Ropes and Gray report,
  • changes in policy to better ensure the safety of children,
  • fair compensation for our suffering, and
  • an apology for the role the school played in allowing our abuse to occur.

We want to be proud of our alma mater. We hope that ASIJ will change course and choose to live up to the guiding principles it purports to honor: community, honesty, integrity and accountability.

Here are some ways that you can help.

Signing the Petition

You can show support by signing our petition on demanding that ASIJ release the full and complete Ropes & Gray report, offer fair compensation for the victims,  enact new policies to protect current and future children,  and issue an apology.  The link to the petition is available here:

Providing Information

If you have information that you feel might be valuable or useful, we ask that you not only consider sending that information to Ropes & Gray, but also share that information with our attorneys at O’Donnell Clark & Crew LLP .

Over the past year, we and our attorneys have been conducting our own investigation into this terrible chapter of the school’s history.  Our attorneys have been sending valuable information to both Ropes and Gray and ASIJ for inclusion in the ultimate report. They would be happy to help you submit a statement to Ropes and Gray (it would be your statement, and only submitted upon your express approval) if that is something you are interested in.

Also, if ASIJ does not agree to publish the full and complete Ropes and Gray report, or if the Ropes and Gray report is not as thorough and accurate as it should be, our attorneys may then decide to compile and release our own report.  So, if you have information you’d like to provide, please visit our “Contact” page.

Sharing on Social Media

Raising awareness is critical, and every little bit helps.  We need to show ASIJ precisely how serious this is, and that we, as a community, will not allow this to be swept under the rug.  The more our story spreads, the harder it becomes to ignore.  You can help by sharing our blog on Facebook, Twitter, and by encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

Getting Involved

The abuse we suffered at the hands of Jack Moyer was nothing short of terrible.  However, we are not the only sexual violence victims who need help.  Visit our “Resources” page to identify national organizations dedicating to helping survivors of sexual violence and find out more ways you can help all survivors, everywhere.

Keep Checking Back

We will continue to update this site as more developments unfold.  Please keep checking back to see if there are new ways to help us seek a resolution to this painful part of our past.

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