What is this webpage all about, and what are you trying to achieve?
We started this website in order to gather updates, support, and news regarding ASIJ’s decades-long concealment of Moyer’s sexual assault, rape and sodomy of young female students. This site strives to be a source of comfort for the victims of Moyer’s sexual abuse, a place where alumni and other interested persons can find information and updates on the unfolding developments, and a means by which concerned individuals can identify how they can help.

For more information about this site,  please see our “About”  section.

What is “ASIJ”?

“ASIJ” stands for the “American School in Japan,” a prestigious international school located in Tokyo, Japan.   For more information on ASIJ,  please see here.

What are you “survivors” of?

We are thirteen survivors of rape, sodomy, and extensive child sexual abuse – in some cases beginning when were mere 11- and 12-year old girls, and in others spanning across years of our lives – committed by ASIJ faculty member Jack Moyer, and concealed by ASIJ for decades.

Who is Jack Moyer?

Jack Moyer was an ASIJ teacher and faculty member from 1963—2000.  He was also an esteemed marine biologist, well-respected academic, and – perhaps most notably – a serial and prolific pedophile who used his position of trust to sexually abuse middle and high school girls attending ASIJ.

Are you the only victims?

No.  Sadly, because many victims may be deceased or simply be too frightened to come forward, we may never know how many young girls Moyer sexually assaulted; however, we do know that we are not the only victims.  Like the vast majority of other pedophiles, Moyer was a prolific serial abuser of young girls.  Although we thirteen were victimized in the 1970s and 1980s, we are aware of a number of other young girls Moyer abused throughout his tenure at ASIJ (where he was allowed to remain for decades after the school learned of his misconduct).  We are aware of other victims based on direct reports and Moyer’s confession.

Have you hired lawyers?

Yes. We retained the services of the law firm O’Donnell Clark and Crew, LLP in order to ensure we would have advocates looking out for our best interests. However, we have not filed a lawsuit against the school.  Around December of 2014, we and ASIJ began negotiating to try to reach a reasonable resolution to these matters.  So far, no resolution has been reached.  However, we maintain hope that the school will decide to do the right thing and come to such a resolution with us, to avoid the need for litigation.

Have you sued the school?

No, we haven’t filed a lawsuit against the school. From the outset, we wanted to give ASIJ the opportunity to reach a fair resolution with us.  We hope that someday we will be able to celebrate the fact that the school lived up to its core values of community, honesty, integrity, and accountability for taking responsibility and doing the right thing.

The Board’s April 2, 2015 letter says you placed “significant financial and other demands on the school” – what did you demand?

As we discussed this in our April 8, 2015 response to the Board’s update, in June of 2014, our lawyers wrote a letter to ASIJ in which they conveyed our requests for:

  • transparency,
  • a full and complete investigation,
  • changes in policy,
  • fair compensation, and
  • an apology for the role the school played in our abuse.

These requests – that the school take steps to honor its commitment to community, integrity, honesty, and accountability – are ostensibly what the Board’s 2015 letter  refers to as “significant financial and other demands on the school.”

The Board’s April 2, 2015 letter implied you and your attorneys were holding up the completion of the independent investigation – is that true?

No. Every step of the way, we and our lawyers have fully cooperated with Ropes & Gray, the law firm ASIJ hired to conduct an independent investigation into Moyer’s abuse.  Many former ASIJ faculty, staff and alumni have reached out to our lawyers and provided them with information, which – with consent from the individual – our lawyers have dutifully provided to Ropes & Gray to aid in their investigation.  We ourselves participated in the Ropes & Gray interviews, relieved traumatic experiences before complete strangers, and shared our personal and painful stories.  We did this because we, too, want the report to be as thorough and complete as possible.  Any implication that we somehow caused the delay in completion of the report is not true.

How can I access the Ropes & Gray report?

According to ASIJ’s most recent April 2, 2015 “update,” the Ropes & Gray report and investigation is not yet complete.  Furthermore, ASIJ has made no promises that the full report will in fact be released to the public once it is complete. Instead, ASIJ has only stated that they will release a summary of the report.  Please visit our “How You Can Help” page to see how you can request that the Board release the full report once it is complete.

ASIJ originally said the investigation would be complete in the fall of 2014 – do you know the status of the Independent Investigation, or when the report will be complete?

No. Neither ASIJ nor Ropes & Gray (the law firm ASIJ hired to conduct the investigation) have informed us of when the report will be completed.

Do you have evidence supporting your claim that ASIJ knew of Moyer’s abuse and concealed it?

Yes. Over the past year, we and our attorneys have been conducting a very thorough investigation and have evidence to support all of our assertions, including the reports to the school and their administrators.  We have personally interviewed witnesses, obtained their statements, conducted extensive document review, and are confident in our sources and the validity of our evidence.

Further, we have fully cooperated with Ropes & Gray (the law firm hired by ASIJ to conduct the independent investigation), and have provided our evidence and sources to both ASIJ and Ropes & Gray directly for inclusion in their report and investigation.

How do we know Moyer was really a pedophile?

In addition to the testimony of at least thirteen victims, Moyer confessed in writing to sexually abusing young female students.  This confession was written before Moyer committed suicide in 2003, he confessed in writing to sexually abusing young female students.  Furthermore, in that confession, Moyer admitted to sexually abusing seven of us by name, and admitted to abusing others.

Will you publish your evidence and the results of your investigation?

We have given our evidence and witness statements to Ropes & Gray and to ASIJ directly for inclusion in their investigation and report.  Our investigation is ongoing, and we continue to locate and receive valuable information.  If the Ropes & Gray report is not issued publicly, or if it is not truthful, complete, and accurate, we may decide to release our own report.  Hopefully, however, the Ropes & Gray report will be thorough, accurate and publicly released.

What can I do to help?

Thank you for asking! Please see our “How You Can Help” page for suggestions on the many ways you can help us in our quest for justice, and help to prevent this from ever happening at ASIJ again.

I have information that may be useful to you – who should I contact?

Thank you for your willingness to help us! Please see our “Contact” and “How You Can Help” pages for more information on who to contact and how.

I am a victim of sexual abuse – are resources available to me?

We are very sorry to hear that. Please know that you are not alone and there are many people and organizations out there that are here to help.  Please see our “Resources” page for information regarding various survivor support agencies, services, articles and publications.

I am a member of the press – who may I contact to find out more about your story?

Thank you for your interest in our story.  Please visit our “Contact” page to find information regarding media inquiries.

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