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  1. I was in Miyake with Moyer and others. I could have been a target. I was surprised to discover about a “relationship” between Moyer and a young female student. I remember her being in conflict with him. I was naive, young then… But I am able to recall events and how uncomfortable I felt.

    If there is anything I can offer to help any of the victims, please contact me .


    Karen (Taylor)Farra

  2. I feel for the pain of all of the survivors and think it’s terrible how the current administration and Board has handled this.

    The Head of School and Chairperson of the Board have recently taken unprecedented steps to shape the outcome of the report by the outside law firm.

    One of the statutory auditors was fired a few weeks ago- it was a woman – and most, if not all, of the Board members recently resigned in protest. I think the school is crumbling under the weight of leadership incompetence, fear of letting the truth out, and years of hiding what actually happened.

    Please let the press and other interested parties know – ASIJ is in crisis.

    It is time for Ed Ladd and mrs. Toppino, Chair of Board, to go.

  3. I would like to thank the 13 Sisters who worked so hard this past year to make ASIJ accept responsibility all the way back to the beginning, to change policies, and to make ASIJ SAFE for all students. You are awesome women and I love you all.

    Karen Skoog
    ASIJ Survivor

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