We are thirteen survivors of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by Jack Moyer while we were middle and high school students at ASIJ. Jack Moyer was an American School in Japan (ASIJ) faculty member from 1963 – 2000. Moyer was a trusted and much loved figure at ASIJ; however, he was also a prolific serial pedophile.

Along with our parents, family members, and friends, many of us reported Moyer’s sexual abuse to ASIJ administrators in the 1970s and 1980s, during the period of time he was abusing us. Some of us could not report, because we did not understand what happened to us, or we were too afraid and humiliated.

Regardless, each of us thought that we were the only one Moyer abused. We each assumed that we were the first and last victim. We believed the administrators when they told us that it would never happen again. We believed that our school would never have let this happen if it had known of Moyer’s pedophilic tendencies. Sadly, we were wrong.

In March of 2014 , ASIJ first publicly acknowledged Moyer’s sexual abuse. Only then did we learn the truth: that ASIJ administrators knew of Moyer’s abuse for decades, and yet did nothing.  Instead, ASIJ concealed its knowledge of Moyer’s crimes.  Even now, more than 40 years later, the school continues to deny responsibility for its role in failing to stop Moyer from sexually assaulting young ASIJ students.

In that March 2014 “community announcement,” ASIJ stated that it had only “recently” discovered Jack Moyer’s decades-long career of predation committed against us and other ASIJ community members. After reading that announcement, many ASIJ alumni rose up to support us.  In response to that outrage, in June of 2014, ASIJ announced that it would be hiring a Boston law firm to conduct an “independent investigation” into this dark chapter of the school’s history.

Following the Board’s letter, we retained counsel to ensure that (1) we had a voice in the process, (2) our pain, suffering and experiences were heard, and (3) our interests respected during the school’s independent investigation.

More than a year passed without word of the status of the investigation. The alumni again rose up on our behalf, expressing their support and their demands for justice. In response, on April 2, 2015 , ASIJ released its first update in over a year to explain the lack of communication regarding the status of the report and its delay in assisting the victims.

In that letter, the Board laid the blame upon our shoulders for its failure to respond and for the delay in the completion of the report. Through that announcement, ASIJ continued the same pattern of concealment, denial, and victim-blaming they have engaged in for decades. This was incredibly hurtful and deeply saddening to us.

On April 8, 2015, we issued a response to the Board’s “update.” As a result of the overwhelming support we’ve received from alumni and other concerned individuals, we decided to create this website as a safe space where we, members of the ASIJ community, and members of the public may make our voices known and opinions heard.

This is the history of ASIJSurvivors.org. This is where the truth will come out, and the secrets will be exposed. This is the beginning of a healing journey that has been decades in the making, both for us and for the entire ASIJ community.

Together, we are ASIJ. Thank you for standing with us.

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